As I listen to my music during the workday it seems like I always come across a song that catches me. Something I have not heard in a long time. Or something that I have never heard at all. If it catches me then I go on a search. I also like finding things outside of my “normal” listening habits.

Here are three for this week.

I was catching up on podcasts and this one was on The Dusty Show. The host Clay Pigeon (that is his name) regularly does shows where he plays songs off CD’s he bought at a flea market sale. This is the one that started the show.

I know I am old because I remember when MTV playing music videos. And as I look back on the ones made at the time. There visual styling was pretty stupid. Plus, most of the bands I was listening to at the time were never played on the station. If they were it was usually after midnight.

But I have to say this song is a bit catchy and yet goofy too. All I remember is that when I was young teenager the last place I wanted to be was “hanging out in a mall”. Which was the “Rite of Passage” for the times that was well before social media. Even today, I hate the malls. If I have to go to one I treat it like a “Commando Mission”. Get in. Get out. Better yet. Save time and order online whenever possible.

The next one was heard on The Best Radio You Have Never Heard podcast.

This is a cover song. The original version was done by Lorde. I know she is popular and this song seems to be always playing on the radio. For me, every time I hear this starting up on the radio, I hear the sound of a “shotgun being pumped” in my head. As for Bruce Springsteen I have a “Love/Hate” relation to his music.

It took me a moment to realize the original source for his performance. Stripped of all the high tech recording “tricks” and done solo with just a guitar the song takes a whole new turn.

And finally.

It is rare for me to get out of the office during the workday. But yesterday, I had to go help with some deliveries. It was nice to travel about and not have to be the driver (which is rare for me). The driver was playing his music. It was not my thing but so what. I tolerate other’s people taste to some degree. I remember I had a radio/CD player at my work station years ago. I wouldn’t mind if my co-workers played their music from time to time on it. However, I had one co-worker who would only play Beatles albums. And one day I had to put it an end to it. He got mad and called out my broad taste of playing music he never heard of. I replied, “Every job I have had someone thinks that pointing that out is somehow going to offend me.”

Plus, I hate people with narrow tastes.

But that being said. This song caught me and I had to ask the driver “Who is this?”

It has that “introspective” quality that hits during long rides.

All I can say is….

Open you ears.

You never know.





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The Missing Cover



I have been reading a lot of the books by Seth Godin lately via my Kindle. His material has lots of points and tips about creating in the Internet Age. I am finding them very useful.

However, his books lead me to another idea completely.

The other day, I began making some observations about the Kindle and reading in general. I usually have a book to read at work in the break room during lunch. The most reading my co-workers due is the local newspaper. I have to say the content level of the newspaper is lower than a Cliff Notes book.


When I reading an actual book. I usually hear things like this.

“Never heard of him.”

“I would just wait for the movie.”

“I don’t know why you would waste your time with that.”

“If it was good. I would’ve heard of it.”

“Was Best Seller?”

And the list goes on.

However, if I am reading a book on my Kindle I will be left alone from any comments.


I began to think about it. What is the difference? Then I realize that there is no book cover from a distance to see. And they want to judge a book about its cover. From there in a way it is a back handed judgment against me.  They do not want to engage any conversation about the material that is in the book.

The most important thing for them to do is to Judge. And without seeing the cover they do not have a way to start laying it out that judgment.

The sad part is this mentality is pervasive across society. In a time where information can be easily distributed people do not seek it out. Especially if it might counter there argument. Plus, there is a lack of any civil discussion between opposing views. All the networks put two sides on for at most 5 minutes. And the two spend most of the time yelling at and over each other. The networks call this content and pat themselves on the back for it.

All I know as long as my “To Be Read” pile exists then all is good for me. And I will put my head down and continue to read on.

And all the non-readers can say whatever they want. They do not realize how small their world is.

And that is my silent judgment back at them.

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Play Time



I cannot remember where who said this quote or even where I first saw it. But it goes.


“Quiet people have the noisiest minds”.


I seem to never to be able to throw switch off on the “Input Mode” I always seem to be in. It is an ongoing process of Some Assembly Required. It is many times for every question that seems to be answered there then seems to be at least three more questions. It is trying to put various items together that makes a post. Hopefully, they come together. But if they do not come together, please post a comment. A better understanding and clarity can only happen with some sense of active engagement.

I am not sure what the “Universal Force” actually is. But I know it is at work. Even if I cannot define it in specific terms.

A few weeks ago, Harold Ramis passed away. He was an actor/writer/director behind such classics as Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes and Ghostbusters. I do not one guy who cannot quote a line from at least one if not all of those films. But I am going to focus on one scene in particular from Caddyshack.

Here is some behind-the-scenes information about this scene. It came from the Extras on the DVD. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase were the biggest stars in this film. But there was no scene of them together in the original script. The people who were financing the film wanted them together. The other problem was these two stars hate each other dating back to a feud they had at Saturday Night Live. They all had to come together and improvise the scene. “Play Around” with it. Create something without knowing the “end product”. Experiment. Forget what Nancy Reagan said about it.

It made me think of the process of collaboration. It is a process that is an ongoing struggle for me. It is not easy process of getting together with people who are willing to have an honest “give and take”. I just know you cannot force it to happen. It has to occur naturally in order to have the best chances for it working out.

The story of the scene illustrates some keep factors. People have to putting differences aside. Win/Lose is not the best way to operate. If you have good source material then you can come up with a new prospective. You maybe be able to “demand” what the final product is. Let the participants “play” with ideas to find what is and what is not “working”. Rigid guidelines do not always (if ever) get a creative result.

I then get to idea “Playing”

As I was watching various Harold Ramis clips. This article was posted in one of my feeds.


I have to say it struck a loud note for me.

I also got a copy of Charlie Hoehn’s book.



It gave me some different activities to experiment with.

Things to do just for fun again.




I do not like talking anymore about ideas I working with when it comes to writing pieces. Writer’s Block can be frustrating. But “playing” with ideas on a piece of paper is kind of fun to “play” with.

At my age, I catch shit if I use the word “play” in regards to what I am doing.

It goes like this. More often than not.

ME: I have been playing with this idea.

OTHER PERSON: You cannot be playing! You need to focus! Lock it down! Plus if you cannot guarantee the results of this “play time” then you are just wasting time!

NOTE: That type response I refer to as “Hyper-criticism” and it does absolutely nothing to help.

I have learned for the most part to avoid this type of conversation. As stated in the article “Eliminate the Vampires” from your life when at all possible.



I also have to admit it was fun to take a break and assemble a Lego set.

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Escape Hatch


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Support Arch



This here will always seems to be a battle between what is connecting and what is disconnecting. The Creating of an idea with its execution. How much to work the idea. And when to get out of the way and let the idea have its own life.

The hardest part of my work here is trying to generate a conversation from it. I have learned that it has to be a natural moment. I cannot force it. I cannot demand it. I just have to be present just in case.

It is also better to have no conversation then to have an aborted one. Why put out the investment if there is not going to be any interest in return.

Aligning time and space is an imperfect art or science.

However, I do have the Internet so I can at least find a conversation going on. I can listen in on one happening.

I had to listen again to one. It is an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. It features a conversation with Steven Pressfield (Author The War of Art) I like a free following conversation that is not driven by specific points to make or trying to score points over another person.

I have also liked the reminders from author Austin Kleon. It is good to have reminders that break down the pieces into manageable amounts.




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