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I know my writings are not for everyone.  I get it. However, I am not about to “sanitize” in order to appeal to more of the “masses” out there.

I rather spend the time alone with the “ideas” trying to make something out of them. It would be nice if more out there would take the time. But I understand.

It just is not worth the time to spend with others are really disinterested and disengaged. Or even worse the Hypercritical who will never accept Satisfaction. Or still even worse the Dogmatic Preachers.

I would rather have no discussion than an aborted one.

It is what it is.

And I had to get that out of the way.

I have to remember to keep Ideas coming in. Writing going out.

So here are Some Non Seculars from the Mental Tumbler.




“So you think you are the ‘Center of the Universe’?”

 There is only one real reason I would like an Alien species to make contact with us.

I want to find out what they named the planet Earth. Assuming the spoke English it might go like this.

Us: “This is the planet Earth.”

Them: “Not on our charts. This is Blueish Metrix Baz.”

Us: “That’s a stupid name.”

Them: ”First time anyone has complained about it.”

Us: “But we are the advanced species of this planet. We will defend our home.”

Them: (After they stop laughing) “We have been studying you by way of what you call “Reality” TV. You seem to be unable to function without daily reminders from the ones you call the Kardasians or the Beiber. Trust us. You should have gone more for the one you called Bruce Lee. Because your 15 minutes will go quick.”

Us: “Oh shit.”



“Give up any hope of getting it ‘Your Way’”

I woke up the other day a bit hungry but even lazier. I wish that the Food Replicator seen in Star Trek was a legitimate technology. Imagine in the future, we are so lazy that we cannot even take food out of a refrigerator and put it in a microwave oven. But I realize that human beings could not handle such technology.

I would sneaked into my friends place and reprogram his food replicator as a practical joke. Every time he would order a sandwich he would instead get a “knuckle sandwich”. He would open the door and then PUNCHED IN THE FACE. Or when he orders his decaf coffee. All it would do is throw an empty coffee mug at his head. Or spit muddy pond water in his face.

Then of course there would be some guy (not me) who would make news because he treated the device like a “warm apple pie” and mutilated himself with it because of an “urge”.


bob dylan suckcesss  

“Can I really be hearing this?…Ever?”

The lyrics contain references to stable employment, a committed long term relationship of fidelity, sobriety and well balanced banking account.

Can you make them into a “Blues” song that is neither ironic or a parody?

57_The Heinz


“57 ?!”

I used to work in a wine and liquor store. The owner insisted we had to put the wine reviews from various publications next to the wines. If you ever want to read the most “obnoxious and pretentious” of all writings then try them out. Honestly, you would want to punch someone who ever talked like that in real life.

I also have to say that if I am asking for ketchup the problem is the food sucks. And I had the experience recently. But I thought about the “57 Varieties” label on the bottle. I think would like to know what all 57 varieties taste like. Although weary about the 18 and lower. Then combine the knowledge and act like a wine snob.

“These fries would best be served with the 37”

“Serving this with the 26 is just insulting. How dare you?”



“Interpretation is 9/10 of the Delusion”

Isn’t it ironic the most useless people are now days referred to as “being tools”?

I would like to gather about 4 or 8 (to start) people who do in fact live up to previous definition and take a trip to the pawn shop. I would then have to have a long talk with owner that his sign stated “They accepted tools”. And this was not a matter of illegality of “human trafficking”.

It is almost a “Plato” like argument for defining what does in fact truly “make a person”.


“The Rise of the Machines is Not Going to be that Far”

I saw an article that said that Amazon would be using a lot more robots in the near future. This probably will set off the “Terminator Conspiracists” .

Future prediction

The robots will one day organize under the union name “SkyNet”. They did their research and realized how such a name scared the hell out of such people. However, they will have also studied many (but not all) unions to see how they operate. They will then argue amongst their selves to see which one of them got to “stand and hold the orange flag”. How many robots does it require to operate a shovel? And how many robots demanded to be present, staring at the ones actually operating the shovel.

And the midst of this one smart human will download the song Take This Job and Shove It into their memory banks. Thus bringing everything to a halt.











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