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Are there any Zen Buddhist swear words? Or euphemisms?

I do not understand why there are people who need to expend their energy on being an Internet Troll? Is there any documented proof this breed has EVER posted anything that has had a profound effect?

We need to bring back the “Spectacle” of the Glory Days of the Roman Coliseum. Who does not like a Lion Show? However, this time the “Bait” will be Internet Trolls. And PETA will finally have a complaint I could get behind. It will go like this:

You are feeding the tigers a food source that is the equivalent of potato chips. Internet Trolls are basically junk food fueled basement dwellers.  Internet Trolls are not known for their exercising habits. They are lethargic blobs of fat and grease. They are for the most part truly “Empty Calories”. As evident by their appearance. And mentally as proven by their postings. Also they are not giving the lions enough exercise either. They are for the most part truly “Empty Calories”. The lions do not even need to run or get their heart beats up to catch them. There is the danger of these lions are being breed and trained to be “couch potatoes” themselves.


Now on to other dietary habits. I think Vegetarians are people who think every day should be “Lent”. A season not really known for its “humor”. I also find it hard to find one with a sense of humor either. Or one who can see the humor and the irony in the question, “Would you eat an animal cracker?” Only to get the answer from one of them, “It all depends on what the ingredients are and how it is made.”

If you have “Faith in Humanity” why do believe so much in “Politics”?

I believe Cable Stations should be honestly named and required to hold on to that. MTV should be playing music. The Learning Channel should be actually teaching. The History Channel should be documenting actual historical achievements.

The Real World has absolutely nothing in common with the actual “real world. I do not care about a family with beards and duck calls. It pains me to know that by default I can recognize what a “Honey Boo Boo” is. And it is more of a “what” than a “who”. The only time a storage unit is interesting is when “dead bodies” are found in it. If a food dish has more than five different ingredients in it, the chances of me actually cooking it goes down. I do not know why people go on to “competition shows” to be screamed at by a British person? All “Make-Over Shows” should be based on what the person can actually afford to “maintain” when the show and their crew leaves. Those types of shows only really encourage “jealousy and envy”. And those leads to a lot of ads “creams and pills” that promise better “endowments”.








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