Just Not That Right in the Head


That title is clearly a Major Understatement.

But then again what really is “right in the head” when it comes down to it.

The Middle East has been “misbehaving” my whole life. Test scores have always been low. The economy has always been “teetering” on the edge. People have always been protesting for change. And finding less of it. It would be nice if they would be an example of the change the want to have happen. There is no way the Psychology and Plastic Surgery Special Interest will allow that to happen. Nor are the majority of people giving up their “reasons to drink”.

It is weird where people are better planned for the “Zombie Apocalypse”. And they are all going to better than average when it comes to being able to survive it. Given what I said previously here. This is the most likely outcome. It is not the food and water that will disappear first. It will be the toilet paper and the diapers because most of these people will be “shitting” themselves. Figuratively and Literally.

What can I say? My mind just wanders about.

I just need to find humor where it should be. But it is there.

Yesterday was two years since my dad passed away. I did not realize at the time how much more I would have to let go with his passing. The details I will leave out here. I also remember the jokes I was making at the time to be able to deal with it. It was quiet day here for the most part. Except for the Bills losing to the Chargers. I was flipping channels and the local PBS station was playing an old Tom Lehrer concert. I only caught the last song. I will just say it “appropriately inappropriate” given me head space.




My family will never admit to it. But I think Dad would have chuckled a bit at the song.


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