To the Contrary

Until recently, I never fully grasped the idea that “the creative process is ugly.” And why many Creators say that is important to step back and take breaks. (For more on this read Everything I Know by Paul Jarvis)

The month of December for me is like trying to pound the square peg into the round hole. I know what I want and what I need. However, I am fully aware of what I am actually going to get. And every year, that “chasm” seems to be widening. It has also been the year that can be summed up as being set to the musical framing and concepts of a Pink Floyd album. Communication breakdowns. And the seismic “shifts and rifts” in many of my relationships at this time. Which in most cases it was inevitable.

When things are too much for him comedian Bill Burr says, “I’m tapping out.” And this time of year is not meant for everyone. Just watch the evening news, between terrorists and shoppers there aren’t many “shiny examples of humanity”. And this time of year is never practiced with “moderation”.

So for the next month, I am stepping back from my engagement with social media (Facebook, Twitter) and all of its seasonal noise for this time of year. I cannot say completely but it will be dramatically reduced for the next month. For the most part, I just need a break from it. Catch up on reading time. Finish the half written blog posts that piled up. See what ideas are remaining on the notepads. Actually watch the documentaries in the Netflix queue. Are all amongst the things that I need to clear up and out.

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