Gray Returns to Green

This photo is from a park that is near where I work. I tried to go there when I can to take walk around it on my lunch break. Get outside for a bit and get away from all of the “electronic” distractions. It also depends on the parking lot at work. There are many days lately that if I left I would never be able to find a space when I get back. I will spare the long explanation of why that is.

The winter here was long and brutally cold. It just did not want to give up this year. But the last week, it seems like things are starting to change weather wise at least.

This winter left me off track with my writing. The cold just took the energy out of me. However, it was the case of the last year or so too. I am not going to go into the details. I am not going to list all the arguments, shortcomings and failures. Some were my fault. Some were inevitable. It was a combination of things. And I got drained by them.

I am just going to go along for now with Spring. And I get to start again. Somethings may regrow. Somethings may have to be eliminated. Somethings may get straightened out. Somethings may mend. The problem is after all that the “X-ray” will always show that there was a “break”. That is the hard part.

Stop thinking about what was. Just go back to working on what is and what could be. It is time to begin again.

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