I know the word used to title this post does not exist. Consider the word to be a Sniglet. In this case, I am using the word to describe a condition or a circumstance. In other words, the nomenclature here is in need of some work. Karmical is what happens is when the Laws of Karma are translated or observed through a Sense of Humor. Which is usually countered with the question, “How can you laugh at that?”


Last week, it was finally warm enough to open the windows at work. I happened to be looking out the window. Then I started to hear a Low Thumping sound above my head. I was trying to find the source of it. I looked up to see a fly repeatedly flying into the window pane. How many times have I acted in the same manner? I can see where I need to go. I can see what I need. And yet there is some Invisible Force stopping me. It is so frustrating and annoying.

It was a similar to a moment I had a couple of weeks ago when I had to reinstall my printer/scanner on my laptop. I thought the process was going to take 15-20 minutes top. I had the Installation CD. Well, after four and half hours I had to stop because I had to go to bed. And I had yelled WTF enough for night at my computer. The next day, Google searches and system updates still did not fix the error message that kept popping up on the screen. I was getting close to reenacting the “Gorilla VS. the Samsonite” on the printer.

So I had to step away. And think of another approach. Which was to Uninstall and start over. Second time was the Charm to make it work.

Now back to fly who should have taken a moment to reassess his actions. Because his repeated Thumps against the window stirred the spider whose web was also in the window. And on his last attempt at the window he changed his Angle of Attack. Successfully getting himself stuck in the Spider’s Web. The Spider who in less than 30 seconds later had him spun in the web. See Picture above of the Final Scene for the fly.

It is moments that like this that made me take notice. I also have a Sense of Humor is not exactly Centered.

I can take it as a reassurance that that there is Karma Balance to the Universe. Or I can be like Charlton Heston at the end of The Planet of the Apes screaming “There is No God!”

All depends on the Coin Flip.

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