The Friday Flush

What can I say? Other than than the Process Gets Ugly. Originally, this was suppose to be posted Friday night. However, after work I had to deal with (all too common lately). “Seriously. We Have to Do This Now.” And sadly I had to.

I was going to hold off. But why. It was done. Ready? Who knows.



The format of this post (and possible ones like it in the future) is an idea I have had for a while. However, (until now) never actually attempted.

I make a lot of notes. And now that Facebook allows you to save links. So I accumulate quite of material during the week. I would rather get out ideas out there. So this segment is going to be a few ideas or observations. There maybe even a few questions that I am looking to have additonal information about. I am not sure yet of a defined format. I may find one. I may not. But I am going Forward.


I usually do not go out on Friday nights. I hate crowded movie theaters. I do not enjoy trying to have a conversation over loud music in a bar. Plus, most of the time the people are there to bitch about the work week, wife, kids, politics, sports BLAH BLAH BLAH. So I am going to use the time to clear some things off the notepads. It is one the Life Experiments, I am trying out. I am not going into the others because More Often than Not people do not want to understand them. They want to hear more about the Guaranteed Results. See What Happens is going to be My Approach. There is always going to be the Ego Battles in this territory. So I am going to share a segment from a Paul Jarvis’ newsletter.

So how do you avoid letting your ego take over?

  1. Listen + Learn. In any and every situation, try and remember that you don’t know everything (which is in fact true). There’s always something to learn. If someone is saying something you don’t want to hear, then use that as an opportunity to learn (as in, why don’t you want to listen to them, why do you disagree with what they’re saying, etc?)

  2. Give up control. Control is mostly an illusion any way. The less you try to control and the more you accept that what others think and how they feel (about your products or even your character) is beyond your control. Your idea or product or even job could bear no fruits. It sucks, yes, but it’s not the end of the world (and doesn’t mean you can’t then try something new).

  3. If you ask someone for help or feedback, circle back to #1 and #2. Too often we ask questions of others we think we already know the answers to. If you’re asking something, there’s a reason for it.

Speaking of Life Experiments

I was listening to a podcast and he had an offer to try a sample from one of his sponsors. I always try to support the podcasts through their sponsors when feasible. This one was an odd choice. It was to try a couple of protein bars made with Cricket Flour from I read through some of the information on their site. Basically, if you can eat a shrimp then you can eat a cricket. Biologically, they are closely related. And I have to say they were not bad at all. It is just right now their price point is not going to make them a staple for me yet.

Then I fear such a food source may make me a better Bait Food for the Zombies.


I finally watched the Transformers: Age of Extinction and I am still watching this series Out of Spite. You do not need to wear 3D glasses to see the Steam Rising of the Turds here. The series has not had any real character development. And the latest one decided that a defined plot line did not need to be included either. This is Special Effects for the sake of Special Effects.

The problem with this franchise is like many other things that need to be reformed. As long as they continue to Suck in the Money then reform will never happen. Any time I hear more about the Budget Costs then I suspect there is a better chance to make an argument about the Fraud and Waste involved. I want to hear more about the Creative Effort involved. Because that is where the Risk/Rewards are really found.

There is a Fan Made Transformer short that did a much better job. Plus it was made Old School using Stop Motion Filming. (You to click on the link to view it)

I have to say that was more Cohesive than what a budget of $210 Million Dollars produced.

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