Last week, I took an Unannounced Social Media Vacation. I have found Announcing such breaks leads too often to Interruptions and Inconveniences that tend defeat the purpose of taking such breaks. I need the break because those outlets had been draining me more than fueling me in terms of my own work here. Twitter at the moment is something to check up on during bathroom breaks. I need to come up with a better strategy for that platform. However, in the meantime, please follow me there. It’s free.

I also have been Spamming myself with all the Saved links, photos and articles that I think maybe useful at some point to my work here. They are all pulling me away from this. And it was time to start shifting through their Backlog. I also need to clear up and assemble the ideas I have on my various notepads. I think that the reason I feel behind the last few months because I was thinking (more like other thinking) the Final Product. Rather than finding Peace in the Process of creating it. Word counts and web stats for me lately are clearly things that have gotten in the way. And for the Trap that is The False Mirage of Obtaining Perfection. Walk Around with the Blank Stare. I was looking for maybe an online group. But with an unreliable Internet connection during the day at work it is hard because I would be trying to jam too much in within a short amount of time at home in the evenings. Plus, I am weary of placing myself in a position to just Feed the Trolls.

Maybe I am stuck in the Process too. I have been reading books (because a book is always available) that are helping me to adjust the Process.


On Directing Film by David Mamet. It you want a subtle conversation than Mamet is not for you. If you need a Head Lock then this is the source.

Scriptshadow Secrets: 500 Screenwriting Secrets Hidden Inside 50 Movies
by Carson Reeves. Forget get about Theory. Study the Actual Application

Save the Cat by Blake Nelson. Another way to look at the structure of a story and work within


Additional Reading (Because we can all use reminders)

Vince Gilligan on the Best Advice He’s Received and Would Give to an Aspiring Writer

24 Lessons for Filmmakers from Werner Herzog (And can applied to life too. Printed this out and taped on my wall)

23 Brilliant Life Lessons from Anthony Bourdain

Plus something worth a listen

A Podcast episode featuring Maria Popova ( www.brainpickings.org )


And finally, something I saved a while ago that I finally understand.


Moving on from here.

All I can do that is within my power is to Mark the Trail that I am on.

Because that is all I can do.

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