It has been too long since I posted anything here. And I am going to spare the details of why that happened.

I just need to get back into it. But where to start was the problem. So I finally decided to start here.

I have been making a lot of notes on the various things that I have been reading, watching or experiencing.

Part of what I want to do here is to point out the things that I notice. I need to make note of them and pass them along.

They are just tangents that may lead to something.


I have started using the Evernote app to outline writing projects. It was also available for the Kindle which made it convenient to use. But I will have to update my phone so I can also have the app available there. However, at the moment doing that is a low priority.

Does anyone else use Evernote? If so do you have a recommendation on a tutorial book or videos to help me learn how to maximize my experience with it?

I have been avoiding watching this season of The Game of Thrones. The series has caught up with the timeline of the book series. I was a fan of the books first and I a bit torn because the TV series gets to set its own without being encumbered by the books. But every day, I have to avoid postings about the episodes. I am not sure what to do with this. The book author pays no heed to deadlines and it could be years before his version is available. So it is kind of odd to be having this debate between the TV version and the book version that has not been published. And I will not get into the last season of The Walking Dead that is becoming encumbered by the book series it is based on. And I am not going to get into the letdown of the season finale. The one that was promised to be “brutal and heartbreaking” and yet was not shown. So I have until October to temper down my expectation of who got the bat in the head.


Speaking a binges. I need to start with Better Call Saul Season 2. I recommend
checking out Fargo Season 1. I am interesting in watching Mr. Robot and Orphan Black. Recommendations?

Two Podcast episodes that in some way for me tie together.

Bill Simmons podcast featuring the Comedians Key and Peele. In this they talk about the “power of saying yes” to make improv comedy work. Plus the why you need to keep the ego in check.

And speaking of the ego. I am looking forward to reading the upcoming book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. He talked about it on the Brian Koppleman’s podcast. I also want to say I have found Brian Koppleman’s podcast to be insightful. He talks to various people about their process. And the most useful is when they talk about what the failures and mistakes they experienced taught them.

Two weeks until the the arrival of the latest book from Chuck Klosterman.

Also been having a bit of a High Fidelity moment when it comes to my music listening. And here are three songs from the playlist.

Sometimes you can hear a song that you are familiar with and yet one day the lyrics just hit that nerve.


Sometimes you just want a moment.


Finally, I was watching an episode of the Walking Dead. It is odd watching this show on syndicated TV because it has weird edits for content. This song was from Episode 12 from Season 4 titled “Still”. In this episode, it is just Beth and Daryl on their own. The Governor has killed Beth’s father. And his crew has destroyed the prison where they were living. They are separated from the others and at this point think they may be the only ones at this time. It is a story about accepting a new reality, remembering the old and letting go.


Sometimes, no matter how hard it comes. Catharsis can be a good thing.

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