Memories are a weird thing when you break them down. You can’t plan them out in advance and they come with No Guarantees.

I don’t know why some of them are always reoccurring.

I was not able to have a dog when I was young. My dad was allergic to them. But I think having a dog in the house was something neither of my parents would have the desire or tolerance for. And I do not have a living scenario that allows a dog.

Growing up my neighbor’s raised Siberian Huskies. There first one was named Nika. And she had a personality. As a young kid, I would feed her dog biscuits through the fence. She always seem to be there waiting for one. About two years later there was Zar. So there was now two dogs waiting at the fence. Zar, I do not think actually ate the dog biscuits. I believe he had the ability though to inhale them. Nika then started her new routine. She would grab the biscuit and do a few laps around the yard. She would then lay under the tree and slowly eat the biscuit. It is the only time I have ever seen a dog take from 10-20 minutes to eat a dog biscuit.

Nika also had another habit or better yet trick. She loved to be petted. She would sit right next to you and nudge. You start petting her on her head. She would start slowly moving her front paws out in front of her. She would slowly go down to the ground as you kept petting her. As soon as her stomach area hit the ground she would immediately rollover and flailing her paws until she got her belly rubs.

I am not sure why these memories come to mind.

But it’s nice. So I will leave it at that.

I also been experiencing some thought behaviors similar to something out the book High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. (Also well adapted into the movie starring John Cusack.)

I have been doing some of a Renaissance when it comes to my personal music listening. Those exact details is for another posting. But the following song is one that does not fit into what I have been listening to for the most part lately. I heard it on podcast but I can’t remember the particular one. But I think a person should be open to listening to music that catches one “off guard”. In doing so there is a chance you may find a new thought.

And this is a song that I had not heard since it was released in the early 90’s.

Personally, maybe the story when it comes to certain relationships has not ended. But there is no denying that things have change. Some of the chapters have closed. And what is to come from here out when it comes to those relations? I have no idea. Either way.

The worse part, is we are in a Presidential Election Cycle. Too many people think that the Election of one candidate will improve the Narrative of their lives. And if the other candidate is the choice then it will destroy that same narrative. But thinking either way is really disconnecting from yourself.

I keep coming back to this message from Joe Rogan.

He also has one of the best podcasts for people who have a Curious Mind. You may not agree with him on some points but he makes you think.

As I try to organize the thoughts and memories in my head I also keep coming back to a specific lyric.

As Bob Segar sings in the song Against the Wind.

I wish I didn’t know now. What I didn’t know then.

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