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It has been too long since I posted anything here. And I am going to spare the details of why that happened. I just need to get back into it. But where to start was the problem. So I finally … Continue reading

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House of Cards

Recently, I finished my Netflix binge of the second season of House of Cards. This is the way to watch a series having them all available at once. It helps to keep my focus on a series. There are many … Continue reading

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Awkward and Cringe Inducing…If You Dare

I hear this line quite often from people. “You shouldn’t be thinking about things like that” Well….Too late….And I am not putting them back. I like getting ideas out there. And then playing around with them to see what I may … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad

  I do like watching re-runs of TV shows. I go back to watch them to see how they developed characters and plots over time. To see what worked and what did not work. However, I also realize that I … Continue reading

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Freaks and Geeks

      I was lying in bed fighting the effects of the flu last week. When I was not sleeping I needed something to occupy my time. However, reading was too hard to focus the eyes on due to … Continue reading

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