House of Cards

Recently, I finished my Netflix binge of the second season of House of Cards. This is the way to watch a series having them all available at once. It helps to keep my focus on a series. There are many shows on network TV that I have lost focus on due to the time they are on. It also hurts them when they take a few weeks off and play re-runs. Many of the Internet and cable shows now have a shorter season. This helps them to eliminate or tighten up many of the story tangents that take place in series television.

House of Cards by its title implies that all of these characters are “one false move” away from their falling. Each move they make has to be calculated to avoid the “consequences” of that move. The storyline is most likely a “hyper-exaggeration” of how modern politics are really engaged in this country. However, a good storyline needs to be based on some fraction (or kernel) of the Truth. It is really amazing how film and TV has changed about the view of our system. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to All the President’s Men and now the arc falls into House of Cards. Politics has gone from the noble of cause and consensus building. In this series, the process is viewed as more of an act of “manipulation” that contributes to wide spread view of pessimism that is more prevalent today.



Kevin Spacey plays now Vice President Frank Underwood. Pay attention to his characters initials for they reveal a motive to his actions. His portrayal is more “creepier” than that of the role of John Doe in the movie Se7ven. (Also a David Fincher production). Yet as I watch it again I can see that both characters are almost the same. They both view themselves as a “Superior” being and that everyone around them is only there to serve as a “Pawn” for them. People are only “An End to their Means”. They are both Arrogant. And have nothing but Contempt for others. They are Psychopaths.

And the second features a lot of collateral damage to people who are on the outside of DC politics.

I am not sure how this series is going to end. As I am looking at the arc and there is no way there is going to be “Happy Ending of Redemption”. Frank Underwood is probably going to fall in a way that is almost “Nixonian”.

In a way, the arc is similar to that of Walter (Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad. (A show that you should be watching and all the episodes are now on Netflix) SPOILER ALERT Frank “Fall”  will mostly like be like Walter’s fall at the end and it will be that of his own “Hubris”.

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Pulp Action Soundtrack


I have been Netflix binging on TV shows lately. However, I have also been watching a lot of action movies. (More about those in a future posting)

And then I heard this song on the radio the other day.

It is the latest from the band Chevelle.

This video just features the music and the lyrics.



As I listened to this song all I could think of is how this song really could be the soundtrack to some “Pulp Fiction” style shoot out action sequence.

Another song that works in this matter is the classic song from Filter.




I like action films. There is that moment in them when you know it is all going down now, fast and hard.

So I am trying to develop a song list for these moments. They have to be hard edge and loud. Similar to the examples mentioned above.


Please post them in comment section below.

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Discontent, Disconnect


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I try to avoid the “gossip” side of entertainment. For me, most of it is lot about “nothing” in the end. Most of their private lives are not very interesting. I also believe everyone regardless of their position are entitled to have “a time and a space” of their own.  Plus all of the TMZ crap around them has absolutely nothing to do with helping them create a better work.

I had no intention of writing anything about the death of the actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman. I was listening to last week’s episode of The Dusty Show. He was doing “man on the street” interviews with people who were showing up at the memorial site in front of his NYC apartment.

So here are a few thoughts.

The truth is we can never truly know a person. Fame and notoriety do not always reveal a person.

Being “Noble” or “Talented” in one area does not always apply to other parts of a person. And yet having a “Deficiency” does not mean you are incapable of becoming “Noble”.

People are quick to condemn one side. And sometimes go overboard in their praise of the other side.

The Creative and The Destructive for reasons that I cannot figure out always exist as one in a person.

Sadly, his death is not going to change anything.


I want to focus for the rest of this posting on his role of the famous rock critic Lester Bangs from the movie Almost Famous. (This movie so far has with stood the test of time. If you have not seen this yet then please do yourself a favor and put this in your queue.)

This is the scene where we first meet him.

Here is a person who has a “passionate viewpoint” and is willing to speak it. However, his honesty makes him a “lonely person” as it is revealed later in the movie

The meeting with the young William is where he sees a younger version of himself. The version who has not yet fully had his “eyes opened” yet. He offers the advice he wishes he had be given when he started. Keep the passion. Beware of the fame.

Finally, the personal side he never gets to share with someone.

A lesson I wish was expressed more often than the latest gossip about a music star.

In the end, being “Uncool” will be a better option.

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The Hidden Cost


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