The New Writings

The Penance For Being a Buffalo Bills Fan (The price that is paid)

Simple and Complex (The Cover versus The Book)


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These are past writings from the previous website.

This Modern Man  (Self Awareness has its pro's and con's)

Revelations, Ponderances and... (The update to "This Modern Man")

My Mind is Wandering  (A prime example of way too much free time)

Gophers, Beer and American History  ( Another warped view)

K.M.A. (Making sure you get it all down in writing)

How I Lost 45 Minutes of my Life (A sad but true story)

I Am Not Dead Yet (I do not want to "act my age". Not now. Not ever)

Sense of Humor (Where is the line?)

That's Absurd (And then some)

The Billy Joel Piano Man Ruling (It had to be done)

Adventures with A.D.D. (More like P.I.T.A.)