A Bit of the Curious for a Friday Flush


I have always been a fan of the movie The Big Lebowski. I have seen it several times over the years. However, to this day I could not give you a Suitable Explanation for the plot. I can quote several memorable lines and reference scenes from the movie. But I WILL NOT give any firm answers as to what the movie is truly all about.

The closest answer to explain this film I ever heard had to come from an Alien Culture.





This movie even inspired the creation of the religion Dudeism a.k.a. “The World’s Slowest Growing Religion”. In fact, it led to me becoming an Ordained Minister within their sect. All it took was the power of $25 and United States Post Office to become Ordained. Let’s face it more power has been assigned for less in Matters of Importance.

I never really did anything with the title. Yet. But someday I would like to put the title down on a job application. I just want to see the look on the Interviewer’s face. However, I am not willing to use the title to get better parking in front of hospitals. However, I am going to leave that decision up to my bladder.

I have never really studied the Tenants of my Faith. And I never really questioned them either. It is the holdout from my Catholic upbringing. Asking questions just leads to trouble. And I got into enough of it with my time spent there. But I recently read of an Exorcism or “Dudercism” Ceremony. Imagine the Public Service that can be done in the name of “You ARE NOT as Cool as You Think You Are”. It may be more important than having the Affordable Care Act.

As Buffalo Springfield sang, “There’s something going on here. What it is. Is not exactly clear.” Or maybe I should be quoting Creedance Clearwater Revival here. But definitely not the Fuckin’ Eagles.


It is odd to like something that for the most part will not have an acceptable Final Answer. Or a Final Solution. Because that is really bad. And you should never bring it up.

We live in a Society that is constantly demanding for the facts. Or at least the ones that fit whatever –Ism is yelling today.

I do not think Curiosity is given the Benefit it deserves. The virtue that it can be. Thanks in part to Eve and that damn cat giving the Notion of Curiosity a really Bad Rap.

I recently was listening to a podcast featuring the film producer Brian Grazer. (The show is already in the site’s archive which you would have to pay for. So no sense linking to it). He has just published a book about Being Curious. It is titled A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life . I found it to be an interesting read. The biggest lesson, he shared was (paraphrasing) “Take some time to shut up and listen to another human being”. The other one, “It is all right not to know everything. And you don’t have to fake that you do.”

I think it may be a better approach to start looking at a “Problem” with being Curious first. Rather than demand Answers first. Because are the right questions being asked. Is all Evidence even apparent?

Curiosity may be just keep alive in these times a Sense of Wonder to see live on this planet.




And the rug really ties the room together.




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